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Load image into Gallery viewer, MARNUR Gel Memory Foam Pillow 2 Pack

MARNUR Gel Memory Foam Pillow 2 Pack

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MARNUR Gel Memory Foam Pillow 2 Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie Waldrop
I need product support!

The pillow I received was non-adjustable, as the description said when I purchased it (for some reason, that line is now missing). The zipper only works on the pillowcase so there is no proper way to adjust the level of the foam and there is a hole in the top of mine! I can't find their website so I'm not sure what else to do.

Atib Ali
marvelous! ! ! ! Pillows...so much love

Shipping was super fast! ! Great packaging! ! I have a hernia in my neck and using this pillow has helped me a lot, really happy, used it for 3 days and I really like it. Affordable but above all good quality! ! !

Milissa Gregorio
too hard

This pillow actually made my neck hurt so much I sent it back

Solved my neck problem!

I have been using this pillow for a few weeks now and I have gone from waking up sore to feeling fine every day. It comes rolled in a box and looks flat at first but when you follow the directions it puffs up really nicely. It provides a lot of support for my neck, which can be adjusted by removing some shredded memory foam. When I sleep, I usually switch between sleeping on my back and on my side, and this pillow is comfortable both ways. Needless to say, I won't need to find another pillow anytime soon.

A great pillow!

It was a really good pillow, I only had one night's sleep so I can't say anything specific. I thought it was too firm and firm at first, but for a side sleeper like me, the support is just right. After wearing it for a while and grinding it in, it finally felt softer and fit my head better. I feel like I'm always fighting pillows and have tried a lot of different ones without success. But so far this pillow has made me think I'm really going to love this pillow. It's very comfortable and supportive! Probably not the best option if you like to sleep on your back, but definitely not for a supine.