Load image into Gallery viewer, Complete Golf Clubs Set Golf Men's Regular 13-Piece Complete Set - Right Hand
Load image into Gallery viewer, Complete Golf Clubs Set Golf Men's Regular 13-Piece Complete Set - Right Hand

Complete Golf Clubs Set Golf Men's Regular 13-Piece Complete Set - Right Hand

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1. Acoustic Structure Technology
The combination of advanced geometric structure and acoustic design, as well as the back badge made of a variety of materials, can reduce the vibration of golf clubs and give golfers a more confident hitting sound and feel.

2. Low Barycenter & High Rebound Coefficient
The new grooved hosel with a low barycenter, combined with a thin face with a large rebound coefficient of golf clubs, can provide golfers with a continuous and stable hitting effect. The 360° deep space concave back design of the golf clubs reduces the weight at the top line, redistributes the weight, and lowers the barycenter, while the tuning structure can help absorb vibration.

3. New Forging Process
The forging process of the golf clubs can achieve better pitch and fault tolerance for the club. Under suitable temperature and stress conditions, the forging process increases the density of the material, which greatly increases the hardness and strength of the club, and brings durability in use.

4. New Material Structure + Apportioned Counterweight
The shaft of the golf clubs is made of multiple layers of black fiberglass for lighter weight.
Wooden club heads match with aluminum alloy; iron club heads match with stainless steel; putter clubheads match with titanium alloy to improve stability and fault tolerance professionally and bring a confident experience to golfers.

5. Complete Golf Clubs Set
The MaxKare 13-piece golf clubs set is designed for maximum performance right out of the box. The set includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 6 - 9 Iron, PW, Putter, Stand Bag, and 3 Headcovers.

1. Before playing, please use a dry towel to rub and preheat the clubhead to increase its temperature and soften it.

2. After playing, please wipe the club head with a towel to remove dust and use a pointed object (such as cotton swabs) to remove the mud in the groove.
Attention: Do not use metal objects to remove the mud because it will scrape off the coating of the club head, which will make the clubhead rust easily over time.

3. Please wipe the club with a damp cloth and dry it with a dry towel. Wait for the club to dry completely before putting it in the bag.

Package Included
Driver- #1 Wood- 10.5°-45“Length- 1PCS
Fairway- #3 Wood- 15°-43" Length-1PCS
Hybrid- #4H Wood- 24°-40"Length-1PCS
6 Iron- 29°-37.5" Length-1PCS
7 Iron-32°-37" Length- 1PCS
8 Iron-36°-36.5" Lenth- 1PCS
9 Iron-41°-36" Length-1PCS
PW Iron- 45°-35.5” Length-1PCS
Putter- 3°-34“ Length- 1PCS
Head Covers-3PCS
Stand Bag- 1PCS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Dan B
Good set for seniors

This set is perfect for seniors getting back into golf. Premium shafts are better for slower swings. At this price point, this is an amazing value. Nice golf bag, wish it had a rain cover. Very happy so far.

21st birthday gift for my son

bought these for my son. He has just started playing golf and needs a set of clubs. He really likes these and says they work great. Very happy with this purchase.

Michelle T.
Overall good club for beginners

Good bag and clubs, especially for beginners. If you have decent clubhead speed, the driver shaft isn't stiff enough.

Decent club for beginners/casual players

The club looks good and the grip feels great. The bag with the clubs is still very lightweight. The only problem I had was with my driver. After I used it for the first time, I noticed a rattling sound in the shaft after only hitting a dozen balls. Other than that, I'm very happy

great club

Great club for beginners or those who haven't played in a while.